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Rewards for dapp Developers

Archway gives developers a simple way to build and launch multi-chain dapps, and get automatically rewarded for their contributions to the protocol.

Coming Soon

Archway mainnet is coming soon. Developers and creators are building globally already. Stay tuned.

& Benefits

Simple dapp toolkit

Easily build and deploy. The protocol is designed for flexible smart contract development and easy deployment to Cosmos. Instantly connect to users, assets, and communities from across Cosmos. No additional development or need to spin up your own dedicated chain. The contract libaries, Archway CLI and GO CosmWasm SDK are ready to go.

Rewards for developers

With its unique and inclusive rewards model, success is shared directly with developers and creators. As your dapps generate usage, you receive a proportional share of network rewards and can allocate them in whatever way you feel benefits your ecosystem.

Multichain, fast and low cost.

Launchpad to the Cosmos — connect to more users, more assets. We’re living in a multichain world, and interoperability is an absolute must. Built on Cosmos, Archway natively integrates the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), so users of your dapp can frictionlessly exchange assets and data with other Cosmos-enabled chains. Your dapp will be set up to reach as many users as possible. In a fast and low cost manner.

Incentivized smart contract platform

Archway is an incentivized smart contract chain for Cosmos ecosystem which gives developers a simple way to build scalable cross-chain dapps. The developers automatically receive rewards for their contributions to the network. Simply deploy your contracts to an established Proof-of-Stake network. Fast and low cost.