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Your dapp,
Your users,
Your rewards.

A fair
Rewards system

Archway ensures that dapp developers receive their fair share of rewards and incentives by baking network-level rewards directly into the protocol itself.

Dapps automatically receive a portion of transaction fees and inflationary rewards for their contributions to the network, similar to how validators are rewarded in a typical PoS chain.

This shared model enables dapps to access recurring rewards built into the protocol. Such a design aligns them with the underlying network, and allows them to share in the community’s success.

Allocate your

When your contract is instantiated on Archway, you specify an “owner” address to which all fees and rewards will be automatically transferred. From there, you and your community can allocate those rewards in whatever way most benefits your dapp ecosystem.

The possibilities are near-infinite, but here's a sneak peek at a few use cases we’ve been envisioning and hearing from the community:

Governance Token Rewards, Sponsor Gas Fees for End-Users, Offset Your Carbon Footprint, Boost Liquidity Mining Programs, Pass Rewards Back to Creators + Artists, Fund Core Development Teams, Contribute to a DAO or Reduce DEX Fees

3 configurable
reward sources

Gas Fee Rebates

1. Gas Fee Rebates

Archway automatically splits the gas fees collected by the protocol between dapp developers and validators. At network launch, gas fees will be divided evenly with 50% going to dapp developers and 50% to validators.

Inflationary Rewards

2. Inflationary Rewards

Archway shares a portion of total network inflation rewards directly with dapps. At genesis, 25% will go to dapp developers and 75% will go to validators.

Smart Contract Premiums

3. Smart Contract Premiums

Dapps can define custom fees for interacting with their smart contracts. These fees provide developers a flexible option to cover additional costs. 100% will go to dapp developers and 0% will go to validators.